NGS Workshop RNAseq

copier ces données et suivre ces instructions sous Galaxy

  • Open the Galaxy Upload Manager
  • Click the tab Rule-based
    • “Upload data as”: Collection(s)
    • “Load tabular data from”: Pasted Table
  • Paste the table from the grey box above. (You should now see below)
  • Click Build
SampleID	Group	URL
MCL1-DL	basallactate
MCL1-DK	basallactate
MCL1-DJ	basalpregnant
MCL1-DI	basalpregnant
MCL1-DH	basalvirgin
MCL1-DG	basalvirgin
MCL1-LF	luminalvirgin
MCL1-LE	luminalvirgin
MCL1-LD	luminalpregnant
MCL1-LC	luminalpregnant
MCL1-LB	luminalvirgin
MCL1-LA	luminalvirgin